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Professor Hamo Finally Responds To His Critics Over Child Neglect Allegations

Professor Hamo in the recent past has been under criticism from all quarters over what was alleged as child neglect. He has been blamed by Jemutai for abandoning them at the hour of need.

But according, to Hamo he has made the following statements in his social media account.

Part of the statement reads " I have children who are live with and those who don't, I have been providing for all of them since they one, and no single day they have gone without food or shelter"

Hamo further urged that it is inhumane to expose and splash children's photos online as this will draw redicule and in that regard he is determined to safeguard their privacy.

Finally, seemingly annoyed Hamo Said he is praying for peace of mind to his children now and future.

From his sentiments it is clear that all along he has been providing for his children, but the basis of Jemutai's allegations that he Isa deadbeat dad are yet to be established.

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