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Road Accident

Man Narrates How He Pushed Someone From The Door In Mwingi Incident To Find A Way Out Of The Bus

More details have continued coming up following the sad incident that happened in Mwingi where people drowned in waters. The survivors have continued giving more details about what prevailed during the incident as people tried to save themselves. It is said that when the bus drowned, there was total darkness inside and people struggled to move out as more water filled the bus.

According to an interview with one of the people who survived, the journalist who was hired has revealed what happened. He said that when he noticed they were in danger, he had to quickly find a way of escaping. So he reached out to the back door where someone was hanging. The man said that he had to push someone who was hanging on the door in order to leave the bus.

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He said that he slightly pushed the person who he didn't know in order to save his life. It's after leaving the bus is when he swum in order to easily get to the shores saving his life.

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