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He's Mine, Ladies Working as a Bar Waitress Fight Over a Police Officer Injuring The Officer

Two bar waitresses left customers shocked after fighting over a police officer who was having his good time at that bar fight went on for a long leaving him with several injuries.

The incident occurred on Saturday After the officer from Kware police station went to spend his weekend at a bar known as the Villa police station canteen.

As the police officer was having a good time with his drinks he, later on, invited one of the waitresses who was serving him known as Mueni Lucy to keep him company, the two involved themselves in a long conversation.

After some time another bar waitress called Favian Nekesa was watching the two behind the bar counter, she was also attracted to this police officer and claimed that he belonged to her alone and she didn't want to share him with any other lady, Nekesa jumped over Lucy with kicks and blows Nekesa kicked lucy without any mercy.

Lucy fell injuring her head, the police officers tried to help but Nekesa threw a bottle over him, and the two were rushed to the nearby hospital, at around 3 am the police officer's condition worsened and he was transferred to a city hospital.

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