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Things You Should Not Do While It's Raining

Relief rainfall is mostly experienced in highland areas while convectional rainfall is mostly associated with lake regions and large water bodies. They are mostly experienced in the evenings, always noisy and stormy. In Kenya, if you come from Lake regions like Kisumu, Bondo and some parts of Rift Valley regions, then you must have noticed this. Lightening and thunderstorms are experienced in these areas. Many people have been killed by lightening and thunder strike because they are not aware of the don'ts. I have come up with this article to teach you what you must not do, let's have a look at them in details;

1.Never walk or play on while it rains

It's never advisable to play on the rain mostly for small kids. When it comes to convectional rainfall, it has a lot of lightening which may strike at any time. This is why when it floods, running water is a no go zone because it's very dangerous.

2. Switch off the electronics

Please just put off your electronics like tvs and radios while it rains. Sometimes the power goes off and on and it's dangerous to your electronics.

3. It's not advisable to pick your phone calls

Do not pick phone calls during thunderstorm.It may attract lightening.

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