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21 Year Old Campus Girl Shot After Opening Policeman's House At 4am Instead Of Boyfriend's

"Huyu anashoot nyama imejileta­čśĆ, a netizen commented.

The 21 Year old university girl was trying to open a rental house that she thought is her boyfriend's at 4am after partying.

Natasha Nagaya is said to have mistakenly opened the house of a police officer Dismas Tebangole who became suspicious when he heard someone trying to open his door at the late hours of Saturday night.

Sources say that upon hearing someone struggling to open his door, the 57 years Police Officer became confused and suspicious and fired three bullets which hit the lady.

When people heard gun shots they hurriedly ran out to find the cause and found the girl lying down in pain asserting she was not a thief.

According to the report by Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesgyire, the caretaker of the residence with the help of neighbors helped the girl in first aid to curb bleeding.

It is said that the lady and her boyfriend had spent time together partying and was going to her man's house to sleep when she mistook his boyfriend house to that of Police Officer.

The Officer has been arrested while the girl is nursing serious injuries.


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Natasha Nagaya


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