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A Mother Reveals Amount she Saves Per Day From Fetching Water to Raise Ksh 62,000 for Sick Daughter

A Ugandan mother is undergoing tough times in her life as Daughter was born with a rare condition whereby she does not have genitalia.The condition caused the daughter to have a swollen stomach which she had to undergo a surgery to enable her to pass stool.Though the daughter has undergone a first surgery,the doctors have decided to help the mother for free but she should also raise Ksh 62,000 by her own to buy the supplies needed for the operation.The mother has since resorted to work hard with the daughter carried at her back and fetches water for neighbours for Ksh 10 for every jerrican.On average the mother reports earning atleast Ksh 110 per day which she is determined to raise from the works of her hands.She is all by herself since her husband left her and she lives in a rental house where she pays Ksh 1250 every month.

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