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The Reason Why Miraa Drivers Don't Exceed Speed Limits

A lot can be said about miraa drivers of kenya but careful driving is not one of them. A lot of concern has been expressed concern over failure by traffic department to control speeding by vehicles that transport miraa.

Many have noted that vehicles transporting miraa flout traffic rules and they neither slow down nor stop whenever signaled by police manning the roads. The journey from Meru to Nairobi usually takes an average of four hours but miraa vehicles barely take two hours due to speeding.

Today in an interview miraa drivers revealed how they do it. Justus Munene a miraa driver claimed not anyone can become a miraa driver. He added that miraa drivers don't overspeed they maintain one speed.

The interview on the Wicked Edition with Dr. Kingori captioned: "Miraa drivers: We don't overspeed, we just maintain one speed.#TheWickedEdition @Dr_Kingori"

Kenyans took to social media reacting to this in various ways. One user James remarked "Do these guys know that highway code only allows a maximum of 100kmp/h or do miraa vehicles have an exception we do not know of"

Content created and supplied by: Vincent_On_Location (via Opera News )

Dr. Kingori Meru Miraa Nairobi Wicked Edition


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