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10 Weird last Respect Ritual performed to the Dead around the World

Death is a mystery that has perplex many people, for a very long time. And in their quest for answers, the human race has done unspeakable things to the dead.

And today bequeath me the privilege, to share with you some of weird final rituals done to a deceased relative. Some as so creepy, that i hope you have the stomach for it.

1. TIBETAN SKY BURIAL: This is known as offering the dead to the vultures. The Buddhist people and the Zoroan tribe, practice this weird custom. They will normally feed their dead relatives to vultures, as a sign of their final respect.

2. FAMADIHANA: This is also known as turning of the bones. After a span of every seven years, the Malagasy Tribe from Madagascar exhume their dead. And then they will wrap them in clothes, and then dance with them in a festival known as the dance with the dead.3.TINGUIAN FUNERAL: The Tunguian tribe from Philippines, live with the dead in their houses. They dress them up and live with them in their homes, with a hope that one day they will return into their bodies.

4. BLINDFOLDING THE DEAD. The Benguet tribe of Northwestern Philippines, blindfold their dead with the hope of blinding the death spirit. And then they place the deceased at the entrance of the main compound, in order to wade off evil spirits. 5. FINGER AMPUTATION. A tribe in Papua New Guinea know as the Dani, practice this unbelievable insane custom. Whenever a relative pass away, they will amputate a finger in honor of the deceased. And many have ended up with no fingers at all, all this just in honor of the dead?. 6. ENDOCANNIBALISM: This is also known, as eating of the dead. The Melanesian tribe of Papua New Guinea, and the Wari of the Amazon forest in Brazil, practice this unbelievable final rite to the dead.

They believe that by eating their dead relatives, they permanently vanquish the fear and the mystery of death. And all relative, must participate in this ritual.

7.CAVITENA OR TREE BURIAL. The caviteño people Manila, normally bury their dead in hollowed tree trunks. And the suitable tree is selected, and worked upon before the deceased even dies.

8. APAYO KITCHEN BURIAL. The Apayo people of North Philippines, normally buries their loved one in their kitchen. They do this with a belief that, the deceased will be feeding on everything that they will be cooking.

9. SMOKED MUMMIES. In the Menyama region of Papua New Guinea, the Anga people practice smoking their dead relatives. Before the smoking takes place, they will normally cultivate the guts and all internal organs.

And they will smear its content, to all the living relatives of the deceased. They believe that, this will empower the remaining relatives against death. And also transfer the deceased strength and virtue, to the living relatives.

10. THE SATI OR VIKING FUNERAL. Sati was a barbaric ritual practiced in India, the windowed Hindu woman was laid with her deceased husband on his funeral pyre, and then burned alive with the deceased.

The Viking funeral is similar to the Sati, the only difference is that instead of the Widow, a slave maiden takes her place.

And she would be given out to multiple men, to have sex with her, before they finally strangle her to death and burn her with her master.

All this unbelievable things happen, all in the name of last respect to the dead. Surely what you don't know is a dark night.

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