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Our Parents Left us To die of Hanger, They Ran Away at 4AM While We Were Asleep, A Boy Crys in Pain

A young boy called Samuel has narrated a very painful situation he is going through after his parents abandoned him together with his brother.

He says one day their parents woke up at 4AM in the morning and left never to be seen again. They left him with his brother when they were very young.

They were in starndard three at that time. Life became difficult for them as they did not have any source of food, they almost died of hunger.

Samuel says they started living on the streets eating left overs from dust bins. Life was very hard for them since they were very young children who could not fend for themselves.

They tried to look for their parents but failed to locate them. They decided to walk over 100 kilometers looking for someone who could accomodate them but failed.

Samuel says they knew their life was in danger as they could sleep hungry almost daily. They did not give up in life and decided to move to the city and fend for themselves.

They could live under bridges and beg for money and clothes. They used the little money they received to start a small business where they could make and sell cakes on the streets.

The business did not operate for long. It collapsed and Samuel's brother left to an unknown destination.

Samuel was luckily adopted by one widow who leaves with him to date. The widow is appealing for help from well-wishers who can ensure the child goes back to school. Here is the link yo watch the entire story.

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