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Angry Mob Kill Daring Gangster Who Snatched Gun From Police Murdering 2 Civilians

This morning a very sad incident occurred at a Bus Park when an assailant disarmed a traffic police at a busy highway and began shooting civilians. The gangster killed two people on the spot and injured several other citizens. The sad incident that occurred in Kisumu left five people seriously injured. The bad incident took place around 8:00 am in the morning.

The assailant was dressed in balaclava and only his eyes could be seen. He attacked the police from behind. The police officer was also seriously injured in the shoot out. The notorious gangster pushed the police officer to the tarmac road and in the struggle manager to pull out the firearm from the waist of the police officer and first shot the officer on the pelvic making the bullet to get out through the stomach. The firearm was semi automatic Ceska Pistol.

The shooting that was done indiscriminately made people to flee for their dear lives. They ran to direct directions looking very confused. Fortunately another daring police officer did a manhunt to get him and snatch the gun from him. He followed him stealthily and finally grabbed him from the back. Other members of the public joined him and they managed to disarm him and subdued him too. They pinned him down and took the pistol. The shooting made two men die on the spot and five others were lying on the ground crying in serious pain. Those who were injured were rushed to the Kisumu County Referral Hospital as they were in a very critical condition.

The police officer was taken to the Agha Khan Hospital in Kisumu. The police could not arrest the criminal as the angry mob killed him using all kinds of crude weapons. However, the firearm used was recovered by the police.

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