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What The First Person To See Masten Wanjala Did To Make Him Not To Run Away

The first person to spot Masten Wanjala has given a chilling confession of what prevailed. According to his interview with the standard, Mr. Barasa said that he was the very first person to spot Masten Wanjala. He managed to identify him well. However, he knew he was dealing with a killer so he had to be careful.

He decided not to do anything that would make him run away and also foy personal safety reasons.

"I did not talk to him as this would have prompted him to run away. He wore black open shoes, a black sweat pants and a black hood that covered his face. Only his eyes were not covered," Mr. Barasa told the media.

The man said that he had to ignore that he had seen him so that he doesn't run away. This made Wanjala not to realize that he had already been noted. At this time, Barasa was taking his children to school and thus, he had the chance to reach school and come back only to find people already chasing him.

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