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This kind of vehicle is fueled electrically

Only tailpipe emissions are water vapour. It does not have a transmission but accelerates quickly from a stop after gaining traction.

Stephen Manning refuels his Toyota Mirai at a hydrogen fuel cell station. The is all investing in a growing net of filling power.

For years, automakers, scientists and environmentalist have promoted this gas design as a breakthrough tech that will eventually enable people to travel without puffing pollutants and greenhouses gases into atmosphere.

These engines operate by setting off a chemical reaction between H2 and oxygen in the air.

An electric charge and small amount of H2 o is created after bonding and it does not pollute the environment although there some processing which goes on and on around there.

When few hundred cells are stacked together,they generate enough power to a car motor and if compared to other types of car it must go on a recharge by drawing energy from sort of line.

The country also encourages zero-emission cars by letting them use the swift.

Despite the support of government having set aside 6.6 millions to give the company there still progressing. It's going to take sometime for this really takeoff around the country.

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Stephen Manning Toyota Mirai


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