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The Deadliest Flesh-Plant in The World

Amorphophallus Titanium

Amid the marvels of everyday life, I am quite fascinated and simultaneously trembled at the thought of man-eating plants; things that are not mundane, yet perilous. Usually, plants produce their own food through photosynthesis, which involves extraction of Carbon Dioxide from Oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil. However, there are plants that do not get this much privilege, as they may live in water and may not have much access to sunlight and other nutrients. Hence, they have to feed on insects, animals, and even humans. One of the nutrients that these carnivorous faunae get from consuming insects is nitrogen. Plants require nitrogen to aid in their growth, particularly their leaves.

Rumors have it, that the most dangerous flesh-eating plant is the Amorphophallus Titanium; otherwise known as the Corpse Flower. No kind of plant peculiarities would match with this deadly killer. This monster plant is said to be the hugest and the strongest of all killer-plants in the entire universe.

How Does It Do It?

Once this deadly flower blossoms, it can be about nine feet tall, and produces strong smells that feel like a blend of dead meat and fertilizer. Corpse Flowers contain huge trads of hair with mucous, that are sticky enough to grasp you and make you stuck. As the victim battles for its freedom, the leaves of the plant instantly close and the whole body is swallowed in.

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With its usual reputation of having a toxic, bad smell, the Corpse flower utilizes it as soon as its leaves open wide. It produces rotting substance like scents that can confuse you, pollute your air, and shrink you enough to dive in. Indeed, it is an exceptionally wonderful, tall stream flower that one blooms just once annually. Regardless, when you come nearer or smell of its aroma, you may long live it recollect of its haggard horrors.

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