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Theft robbery

Two Ladies Found Without Clothes In Car Having Good Time With Boyfriends

Police officers from the DCI unit have arrested two men and two ladies having the best of their moments in a car. The two were sharing best moments with one another when the police moved with with speed after they were informed by a resident of Ruai estate.

The police who arrived at the scene first thought they were thieves when they decided to chase them. Upon realizing the police car was catching up with them, they bumped out, raised their hands up completely without clothes to just prove they were not thieves but were just chewing one another.

The police however urged them to wear clothes so that they could be taken to police for misbehaving publicly. However unfortunately one of the couple had lost their clothes through the chase and the police had to come in and look for clothes to help them so that they could get to a Police Station.

However all in all, the two couples had achieved their goals and though they were arrested, they simply had nothing to regret about. The issues they wanted to do were done though not to finality as probably they expected to continue the chewing up to the next morning.

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