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Is It Kenya Power Or Negligence? Confusion As A Farmer Losses 1100 Chicken Aged 8 Weeks In One Night

A Kenyan farmer is is said to have lost over 1,100 chickens in just one night. The chickens which were layers type had only 8 weeks and are alleged to have died due to stampede and suffocation after a power blackout.

According to a post on Digital Farmers Kenya Group by one Okutu Ngura, he said, "This are losses that poultry farmers encounter. Loosing 1100 chicken aged 8 weeks in one night due to power blackout leading to stampede and suffocation isn't a joke. By this time each bird would have costed you Kshs 400 to Kshs 450 ($4 to $4.5). These are losses amounting to Kshs 400,000 ($4000) in one night! Insure your livestock dear farmers and always have power back up."

Normally, layers chicks need heat lamp for about 6 weeks. You can also choose to use bulb heat if the weather condition of the area is cold. According to this farmer, it seems he chose to use bulb heat or light simulation but failed to put up a back-up in case power goes down. In Kenya, power blackouts are the order of the day.

When using light heating or simulation, you need to come up with a program where you set the lighting period and know how to prepare your birds to go to sleep, like for example, using a deam light. Birds like sleeping on lifted areas, therefore when light goes off and they sleep on the floor they become anxious. Just a little noise will make them run to one corner leading to stampede and suffocation.

So my question is, do you think Kenya power is to blame as the farmer says or it was just negligence?

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