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What happened to the bright albino girl who got rejected by 5 schools. God's protection

Winnie Jelimo, a bright girl from Nandi County faced the most devastating experience in her life when she got denied form one admission by five schools due to her color. The 14 year old girl passed well in primary level but her career of being a doctor was hanging after being rejected by five schools she seek for admission. Winnie narrated to the BBC how she was deeply hurt by the discrimination she faced. She said that one of the schools openly told her that they cannot admit a student with albinism.

Winnie's case hit the headlines and reached the respective authorities. Later her family was called by a number of schools who had rejected her for an admission. The schools administration were in fear of being investigated and may be reported to court and at worse they could lose their job for abusing human rights.

Former nominated senator Isaac Mwaura informed the family that the girl will join Kapkenda Girls High School. "It does not matter what you go through, Jelimo had to be rejected five times for this opportunity to come through. so don't give up ." said the former senator. Winnie will get full sponsorship for her secondary education and the albinism society of Kenya will support her with essential personal needs such as, sunscreen lotion and clothing. It is therefore very important to thank God for everything He has done to us.

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