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An Allegedly Depressed Man Electrocuted After Climbing On A National Power Grid In Nakuru

Cases of people commiting suicide over depression issues have recently continued hitting our media headlines despite the advises we give daily to those who find themselves in this condition.

According to a reliable source, a man has this evening been electrocuted after he allegedly climbed a 4-line power grid in Nakuru. The allegedly depressed man attempted suicide by climbing over the lethal power line which caught fire and burnt him alive. However, we shall give more updates about this sad incident which is still under development.

Many of these attempted suicides are said to be caused by depression which may emanate from lack of upkeeps, marriage wrangles etc.

To Fight depression amongst ourselves, everyone is being advised to look for assistance or help whenever caught up in this situation and also everyone is being encouraged to be on check of their friend's and find out how they are doing as many might be battling depression's unknowingly.

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