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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband Could Give Me Away To Men Whenever He Lost A Bet And Had No Money To Pay" Lady Narrates

A 35 year old lady, Peris Wanja Kamau born in Gatanga, Murang'a County but now lives in Pipeline, Nairobi, narrates a very sad story of the things she went through in the hands of her evil husband.

She narrates how she went through a tough time while growing up. After her mother passed on while she was still at a tender age, Wanja's father left her and her siblings. She was left under the care of her grandmother and older brothers who used to mistreat her.

One day while going home from school, a lady who was from a well up family approached and requested her to follow her so that she can give her food to take to her grandmother. She agreed and followed her since they were suffering a lot at home. Upon arrival, the family of the lady sweet talked her and married her away to a son who was 27 years old. In turn, they promised to be giving her grandmother money on a monthly basis thus solving their poverty problems. By then, she was only 13 years old.

Perish Wanja: Photo | Courtesy

Unfortunately, they lied to her as they never kept their promise. More to that, her husband did not took her to school as promised. But what pained her most was that he turned out to be violent and could look for mistakes so as to batter her every now and then.

Interestingly, Wanja says that she never slept on the same bed with her husband. She alleges that they slept on the same room but on different beds and whenever he wanted to sleep with her, he would approach her, remove her clothes and sleep with her in an inhumane way.

Wanja continues and says that her husband would even go out, gamble with friends and put her as stake. If he lost, he would offer Wanja to his friends to sleep with her.

More to this, he would even come home with women and request her to cook for them. After eating, he would then retire to bed and sleep with the ladies. All these mistreatments happed with the helpless Wanja not knowing what to do. Even running away was not an option since she didn't know her way home.

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