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TikToker Woman Captured Doing This To A Sheep

God's intended purpose for human beings was to protect other creatures. In the Ten commandments it reminds us that we are supposed to treat animals with love, care and respect.

One Tiktoker woman took it upon herself to help make the lives of animals better. She mainly deals with sheep's but at times she deals with llamas too.

She identifies herself as @rightchoiceshearing on TikTok whereby she tends to the above named animals by either shearing off their wool or trimming their hooves.

She travels the world giving sheep and llamas a makeover. In her videos she is captured gently shearing off huge amounts of wool coat. After the shearing, the once uncomfortable animals now become comfortable.

Below is an example of a sheep with an overgrown coat before it was a given a makeover.

Below, the sheep is undergoing the shearing process.

Below is the @rightchoiceshearing lady showing off the amount of wool she has sheared off the sheep.

Below is the sheep after the makeover.

People show her support by following her TikTok page. She has over 1.6 million legion fans with over 40 million likes on her videos.

Content created and supplied by: MumbiChege (via Opera News )

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