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You will never add more salt to your food after reading this

You always need that smart teste of salt in your food. This is because any food without salt is testiless. But are you aware that too much salt is not good for your health!!?

Very little salt is preferred to be the best for your body but not much salt. Although it has it's importance in the body, you should avoid adding more salt into your foodstuffs.

For instance doctors may advice some patients to stop using sodium completely, this is because the impacts of consuming too much sodium is so strange.

But how does excess sodium affect our bodies!!? Here am going to share with you some killing diseases which are caused by consuming more salt.


Due to higher consumption of salt into your body, the pressure inside your blood vessels increases to a higher level therefore leading heart damage and blood vessels resulting to heart attack or stroke. Use little salt so as to prevent stoke disease.

• Blood pressure

As a result of eating too much salt, your body holds on to water in an effort to dilute it. And because of this extra water added, it increases your blood volume making it hard for the heart to work properly because of pushing more liquid through your blood vessels leading to high blood pressure. It is therefore important to avoid adding more sodium into your foodstuffs to ensure that you are not at risk of high blood pressure.

• Stomach cancer

Salt can damage the stomach lining thereby causing lessions which develops into stomach cancer. Therefore ensure you don't add more salt into your food to prevent this killer disease.

Kidney diseases.

The Kidney will decrease it's proper functioning due to more consumption of salt. And because of consuming more salt, they will remove less water leading to high blood pressure and due of putting more strain to the kidney, they will end up causing kidney diseases. Use little salt to prevent kidney diseases.

Content created and supplied by: Carrenmukui (via Opera News )


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