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Roles of a Coffin in Cremation of Dead Bodies

Roles of a Coffin in Cremation of Dead Bodies

Well, it has to do with transportation and storage. The funeral home tries to minimize contact with any of the not so pleasant and possibly hazardous substances that leak out from dead bodies.

The least expensive way to do this is with a cremation container which is a press board pallet with a cardboard cover. A lot of people complain about the fact that a body must have this minimal requirement and that they must pay for a container to hold their loved one when it will only be cremated in the process.

Well, this is the law of the land so people have to adhere. We have to comply with the law. Also as above, a dead human body excretes and leaks all kinds of gross stuff. A simple, inexpensive cardboard box is a good barrier that protects the funeral's home vehicles, storage areas and the mortuary shelves.

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