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Punishment That Awaits A Bull That Killed A Woman In Kakamega

Residents of matioli village in kakamega county are baying for the blood of a giant bull which killed a 60 year-old woman who goes by the name Felisters Itieva.

The bull is currently detained together with the owner at a police station in Lurambi constituency.

According to eyewitnesses, the diseased was walking alongside her Grandson when the bull charged at them.

One of the neighbors Patrick said the bull lost its cool when it saw them and began charging at them with her grandson breaking into a run after seeing the giant bull.

"The bull had been tethered by the roadside, and when the grandson saw it, he started running, and that’s when the bull charged at them, in the process cutting loose the rope,” he said.

He added that the bull came face to face with the granny before ploughing through her living her severely injured.

The victim was taken to the nearby mukumu hospital by neighbors who heard the commotion and rushed to the scene to help.

Due to the severity of the injuries in the chest, head and the abdomen, she died after being admitted to the hospital

According to isukha traditions , the bull is supposed to be punished by being slaughtered with neighbors sharing the meat except the owners.

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