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A Middle Aged Man Nabbed, Almost Beaten To Death After Attempting To Forcefully Sleep with Someone's Wife

Cases of someone being caught in unlawful act have been on the rise for the past one week. This might be attributed to high unemployment rate in the country that have forced most used to look for other means of surviving.

According to reports by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations today, a young man in his twenties was nabbed earlier in the day after forcefully gained entry into another man's house with a mission to have good time with his wife.

His joy was cut short after the victim's relative abruptly returned from the shop finding him in the act. The commotion attracted attention of the villagers who milled up to witness the ordeal and thereafter gave the man a thorough beating almost killing him in the process. The victim was taken to the hospital for medical check whereas the intruder was arrested and taken to cell awaiting to be taken to court.

It is therefore high time the government should come up with appropriate measures that will help weed out these unlawful act. This comes barely a day after another suspect was caught attempting to rob a family in one of the estates in Nairobi.

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