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"I Was Raped By A Pastor, And Life Has Been Tragic To Everyone Who Has Tried To Help Me" Joy

Joy was born in meru, in a very violent and dysfunctional home. Her life was not smooth growing up. When she was young, the father beat up her mother so much when she was pregnant that she started bleeding.

She was taken to the hospital and she never came back home. Joy's aunts lied to her that her mother was dead. Her father married another woman who came and mistreated joy and her brother.

The step mum was so evil that one day, she tried to burn them with petrol inside the house. She was later chased away by everyone in the village and joy and the brother were passed from one aunt to another.

The first aunt who took them in, was burnt with hot, boiling githeri and she didnt survive.

The second aunt was stabbed by a knife, rushed to the hospital, survived, only to come back and be hacked by an axe by the Husband and she died.

From there, no one wanted to take joy in. She ended up on the streets where she met a woman who took her in. The woman who took her in was the wife of a pastor. After a while, the pastor started raping her and threatened her to shut up.

She went through that life until she couldn't do it anymore. One day she woke up and left that house. She met a man, and got married and gave birth to two girls.

Marriage life was not good in marriage so she left to search for her mum in meru. She later left the kids to her mum and went back to Nairobi. In Nairobi she turned to Prostitution to try and get something to provide for her kids. She did alot if odd jobs trying to get greener pastures.

In 2012 she started working as a house help to help her daughters. She is now in Nairobi still working and she is asking for anyone with any kind of help to come through for her and help bring her kids close since they are in Meru.

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