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Floods in Budalangi again as ten villages displaced

With the onset of rain,many farmers found pleasure and joy.This was after a long dry season which had ravaged most part of the country.However,their joy was short-lived after the metrologist reported that heavy rainfall could affect most parts of the country such as rift valley region and the western region.

Kenya has been experiencing floods annually and the measures put in order to avoid such occurrences seems not to be fruitful.In the recent weeks,there has been deluge and destruction as most part continue to be in much despair.Flood affected most part of Nairobi causing a lot of destruction to properties.Roads were submerged likewise to houses.Nairobi being the capital city it would have never crossed ones mind for such to happen.This begs the question what is wrong in our drainage system? Who is to be blamed?

The most recent havoc caused by floods is in Budalangi area.This is after River Nzoia bursted it's banks.It's reported that residents of ten villages have been displaced.The flooding hasn't speared learning institutions also.This lead to much interference of the already disrupted academic calendar.

To sum up all this,the government should sit down and come up with a long-lasting solution to such kinds of occurrences.

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