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How Three Beautiful University Students Were Killed by Their Boyfriends This Year Alone

This year has been quite tough for young ladies in universities and it is thanks to this that more young girls joining colleges should be more careful each day.

Many guys are taking advantage of the naivity of the girls to take advantage of them and finally, kill them in some of the most brutal ways.

We are going to explore three of the most gruesome murders and how the young men responsible for the deaths of the girls executed them.

Here they are:

Christine Ambani

The beautiful young girl from Kiriri Women's University was about to do her exams when her boyfriend invited her to Githurai for a meet up.

Without thinking twice and no harm in her meeting him, she joyfully went there along with a friend who is said to have accompanied her but headed to a saloon.

The couple rented a room for the day and according to the receptionist at the lodging, they were to be there for a few hours.

However, hours turned into a night and for Christine's family, this turned into a nightmare when they received a text that 200,000 Shillings was wanted by a kidnapper or else she kills the young girl.

The boyfriend still went ahead and strangled the young girl to death for reasons that are still unknown to this day.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations was able to track the young man and apprehend him, only to find out that he is suspected of torching his elder brother, his wife and young kid to death.

Picture courtesy. Christine Ambani.

Vasister Jepkosgei

Vasister Jepkosgei was a 24 year old Mouth Kenya University student living with her boyfriend in the Majengo Area of Thika Town when she met her death.

Vasister is said to have been stabbed in the neck by the man she called her boyfriend for reasons that are unknown to this day.

The man, 29 year old, Hillary Kipkirui then turned the knife on himself and stabbed himself to death as well.

What is, however, strange about the death of the Mount Kenya University Student is that friends describe the relationship of the two as being very volatile.

This means that Hillary could have been physically abusing Vasister for along time and she was never able to leave him.

Picture courtesy. Vasister Jepkosgei.

Gertrude Chepkoech

This is the most recent murder having been committed a few days ago by a man identified as Ezra who is a Bodaboda Operator.

The man is said to have come to the hostel where 19 year old Chepkoech was alone at the time of her death.

The man then stabbed her with a kitchen in the abdomen and then turned the knife on himself but did not die.

He later died in the hospital from the wounds he had sustained from a beating students gave him.

What is unique about this one is that the man was not a boyfriend to Chepkoech but her roommate.

However, sources intimated yesterday that the young man had tried to force himself on Chepkoech before.

Picture courtesy. Gertrude Chepkoech.

We urge students to be careful while they are in campus to avoid such horror stories that seem to be happening on a daily basis.

Content created and supplied by: KimaniOsoro21 (via Opera News )

Christine Ambani


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