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The Possible Reasons Most of the Prostitutes are Migrating from Nairobi Town to Thika Road (Opinion)

Currently most of the Prostitutes in Nairobi town are Migrating to thika road. The main reason why this is happening is that, there has been a growth of expensive clubs and lounges along Thika Road.

Currently there are more than 10 expensive clubs that are located along Thika Road. Among them is the latest Quiver lounge, Burbon Bridge, Mephis, Switch, Blend, Homeland and many more others.

Most of these prostitutes sell their goodies to people who go to party in clubs, so the increasing number of clubs along Thika road, has attracted them, and opened them a new market to sell their goodies at a better price. The other thing is that, there are no many police officers who can disrupt there business along Thika road as compared to those who are at Nairobi Central Business District.

On Friday night if you go to outside most of the clubs along Thika Road, you will find these ladies outside, and well dressed to lure customers. That is the main reason why Most prostitutes are migrating from Nairobi Town to Thika Road.

Content created and supplied by: Brianwanga269 (via Opera News )

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