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A Dramatic Scene Occurs In A Mortuary After This Was Noted On A 70 Years Old Elder At His Burial Day

There was a drama at a mortuary in Gatundu Hospital. This is after village Elders went to collect one of their own, so that they could give him a descent send-off, like a hero he was.

As they were waiting for the normal mortuary procedure to go through, a mortuary attendant called one of the Elders and directed him to where the body of their friend was.

To his surprise,he found out that his fellow elder had not gone through a cut. This made him confused and he had to call other Elders.

They too got surprised and wondered how he could have skipped such a crucial stage, more so being an Elder. They remembered him going through all the critical ceremonies needed to become an elder.

They were forced to do the cut at the morgue, as it was against the traditions, for an elder to be buried without going through this crucial stage.

They later did a procedural ritual, to cleanse the burial site of the believed elder. Their huge task is to ensure that, such a scenario do not happen again. The big question is, how are they going to effect this?

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