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" I Was Mocked By People Because I Took 8yrs To Build My Mother A House It Was Heartbreaking," Deborah Narrates

A lady reffered to as Deborah painfully narrates how people in her village mock her after she took eight years to build her mother a house, due to her disability.

According to her she was born as the only child by a single mother. She was born with her legs facing backwards and the doctors toldh er mother that she wouldn't walk in the future. This shocked her mother who prayed and gave her different herbal medication to make her legs strong.

When she was three years old she managed to stand and walk with her legs facing backwards. She went through a lot of exercises so that she could stand firmly and walk properly.

She continued to say that after she joined school life became difficult. The school was far from from home and she couldn't walk faster. Die to this she woke up very early every morning so that she could be in school non time.

A few years later she decided to drop out of school and take a course rather than going to school. She tried dress making but she didn't like it. She tried masonry and she enjoyed what she did. She faced a lot of criticism because people believed that she couldn't work well due to her disability.

She proved them wrong when she worked similarly to other people who were normal. After some time she saved some money and she bought her mother a piece of land and she started to build her a house.

She said that she couldn't afford to pay another worker and she did it singlehandedly. Due to her disability she is unable to do many tasks and lack of funds has also contributed to her failure. She has built the house for eight and she is unable to finish the construction.

"My disability has made it difficult to finish my mother's house and people make fun of me because of that." She said.

She said she has become the village's laughing stock as people make fun of her for building her mother s house for a long time. They claim that it is due to her disability that she cannot finish building the house. She is appealing for help to finish the construction so that her mother can have a place to call home.

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Deborah Deborah Narrates


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