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Road Accident

The latest method that most drivers are using to endanger the lives of road users in Kenya.

There has been a number of accidents occuring on Kenyan roads for the past few days. Most of these accidents are caused by negligence from drivers and other road users.

If you want to drive safely on Kenyan roads, it is always important to be very creative in order to avoid accidents. However, not all the creative methods developed by drivers are always safe. Kenyan drivers have now developed a new method that has proven to be very dangerous to all road users. This new method is commonly referred to as "kata funua".

This is where a driver tends to overtake without enough space to get back to his lane hoping that another driver will create some space for them. Even though this method is very efficient when it comes to evading traffic jams, it is very dangerous on highways. This is because in traffic jams, all the vehicles are moving slowly and they can easily stop incase of an impending danger.

However, there are some drivers who have taken this trend too far and they are using it to overtake carelessly while speeding. Even though most of them tend to escape narrowly, some of them have ended up causing serious accidents.

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