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Man Who Trolled HIV-AIDS Wife to Death Now Turns to Daughter Who He had Placed for Sale

Known philathropist Wanja Mwaura shared a very worrying post of a man who months ago hit the headlines for trolling his allegedly HIV/AIDS wife on social media leading to her death.

In his recent posts, the man identified as Josiah Koeye posted pictures of her daughter who he allegedly says does not belong to him calling upon his supposed biological father to show himself.

Regarding the child as a bastard, Josiah demanded to know the name of the father.

Not pleased with his posting, Mwaura has called upon people who knows the whereabouts of the man to go and rescue the child who she felt was not safe under the man's custody.

On November 21, 2021, Josiah had placed an 'advert' on his Facebook page where he was selling his 8 months daughter for Ksh.2000 while expressing how depressed he was.

Kenyans have joined Mwaura in demanding the arrest of the man. According to many, he might be suffering of great depression and he might harm the child.

His frequent troll on the wife, parading her HIV/AIDS status throwing, Jackline Imali Mbiti, to her death.

Not ashamed, Josiah went ahead to troll her even in her death, sharing her lifeless body on a coffin, ID card and her ARVs pills on social media expressing how happy he was.


Adamba Betty .Whattt how dare he?what has that innocent kid done? God will surely punish you.are you impotent so you're driving your Unger towards an innocent kid.ushidwe kabisa.

Juliana Olayo It's sad.. He killed the mum by subjecting her to depression after stealing her h.i.v clinic card and i.d and posting online...

Meggie Wacheke This has to be illegal in some shape or form… i know out legal system leaves a lot to be desired but this kid is nit supposed to be in his care if this is how he treats her… he is most probably hurting that child… and for the mother… kwani alipata ukimwi pekee yake…. Yeye hakupata?

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