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Gangstar Gunned Down After A Botched Robbery In Dandora, Days After He Was Warned By Crime Busters

On the warm night of 15th Jan 2023, Yutman Mgaza wears his favorite blue jacket, tucks in a homemade pistol in his black jeans and heads out to his usual routine: ambush and rob civilians of their valuables. Pushed to the far bottom of the economic and social grid, he vows to make it out of the ghetto by any means possible even if it meant sending his victims to their early graves.

[FILE image: A gang Member posing with Yutman Mgaza.]

Initially, a unit of crime busters deployed by the DCI to combat gang activities in Nairobi; had profiled and warned Yutman Mgaza to reform via a post on Facebook's Nairobi Crime Free Group. But he went into hiding during daytime and would lay in wait for tax-paying Dandora residents heading back to their nests in the evening. Where he would violently handle them before taking away with their valuables.

[FILE Image: profiling of Yutman.]

This was becoming his usual routine until hawk-eyed cops intervened. He was arrested, charged with violent robbery and sent to serve a prison sentence. Somehow, he was mysteriously released in early December last year. Many speculated that some officials must have benefited from his release as this was not the first time Yutman managed to buy his freedom. His family and fellow gang members were always keen to facilitate this. Upon his release in December, Yutman deactivated his initial Facebook account and created another one under the name 'Mgaza Buda Jamal'. Where he posted a photo posing with his two cronies and captioned it, " No risk No Fun". Clearly, he had chosen his fate and not even death would be a barrier to his dangerous lifestyle.

[FILE image.]

Recently, he and his cronies visited Kifarange area, Dandora Phase 4 along the route connecting Dandora and Santon. And fled on their get-away motorbike shortly after shooting at an innocent man who had not lifted a finger to provoke them. Luckily, the victim survived as the bullet was lodged into his leg. Whereby he was rushed to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

On the wee hours of 15th December 2023, Yutman wearing his blue jacket and carrying his tool of trade, meets up with his accomplice who acts as his get-away rider after a successful mission. And together they head towards Bethany Stage, lower Cinema along Councilor Opundo road where they intend to terrorize residents heading to their humble homes.But at 0100hrs, the police provided with an intel from the locals pounced on Yutman and his accomplice. Where there was a fiery shoot-out involved between him and the police. And when the shots died down, Yutman was lying lifeless on a bloody ground, wearing his favorite blue jacket, next to his homemade pistol and a motorcycle beside him.

[FILE image: Mgaza next to his motorcycle.]

A bloody scene to behold and a hardened thug whom fate had dealt with upper hand.

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