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Secrets How To Migrate To 2023 - Benjamin Zulu Advises The Public

Benjamin Zulu advises the public that how to migrate to 2023. Make up your mind about how you want the year to be. The mindset is the key have confidence, proper planning, and do not settle for less it will work. Have a successful year 2023 full of renewed hope and accomplished dream. The climbing up to seek the larger view liberates from all laws of esteem and the weighing down. The chance you are given to add value to people’s life treat them as if you are in a succession. Avoid counting your positions because are not yours. Count how many lives you have added value to and you don’t own the outcome. This does not mean you will be relaxed but you will give it your very best and don’t even say it is your health say this is a year of establishment of good intentions. Ascend by avoiding seeing yourself at the center of the drama just see yourself as serving on a higher call. Insist on a different thing not seeing yourself as a custodian. Avoid this attachment to failures, failures have an owner. Have a free - flowing attitude of learning the lesson and try next time. When you are that kind of a person you become unstoppable you have ascended to a place of undefeatable. Because you are no longer internalizing the same.

Stop referencing what happened, reference what must happen. Draw a vision that has a time bound and approach that vision. Change your reference from the past of a lot of regrets to the future you have a lot of convictions. Here is the operating system to guide you into the year 2023 in life. If you wait until the year 2023 to find you it will walk over you. But if you go to them you determine the engagement and the parameters. If you seize the initiative you can dictate the rules of engagement. Sometimes you win the battle by determining where it will happen. Weapons are the same destroying this but you choose a ground that is favorable to you. The energy with which you approach the position has levels one is attitude perspective and two a possibility attitude. To migrate to higher ground even without your weapons changing. By just ascending higher where you burn the bridges. Things are working for you that is a weapon by itself the gravity is on your side. Many people wait when they are on the ground mentally there are already on the receiving end. In the year 2023 what you need most is not destroying the physical strength, it is the little you have you target it where it matters.

Life is when you are operating from a certain position and you are facing opposition. Then you are handed a position, the finances, you have the kind of health and relatives that is what you are facing the year with starting with them. You have a natural position resource is scarce everybody wants some. The solution is you are disposition call energy, your position, and your opposition are granted for everyone. Many people have come to the place of choosing careers and relationships but they are still circling there they are avoiding committing to any direction. They know if they commit to a direction it is just repercussions they are fixed in jobs that don’t belong to them or relationships that are not theirs. Letting go to look for the other job or relationship is painful there is a potential to never get that again. Many people are staying in those places because they would rather be unhappy in this job than look for happiness in another job. Because of in between they are waiting to get an assured the job to leave this one. Move from what you have been able to suffer to what you know you will win. When you are motivated by possibilities instead of impossibilities the energy is very different and it is all about a mental focus.

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