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A Trendsetter Agribusiness On A Mission To Transform Lives In Kisumu County.

Kisumu county is one of the forty seven Kenyan counties birthed by the 2010 constitution. The county covers the boundaries of the former Kisumu district in what was known as Nyanza province. The county is headquartered in Kisumu city,the third largest after Nairobi and Mombasa.

The county is under the leadership of H.E Prof.Peter Anyang Nyong'o,a seasoned politician who was in the frontline in the agitation for the constitutional change which resulted in the creation of a second level of government through devolution in Kenya.

The number forty two county is divided into seven subcounties which took the names of the respective constituencies in which they fall under.The subcounties are Kisumu west,Central and Kisumu East. These are all within the city and are part of the upcoming satellite Urban centres such as Mamboleo.

Kisumu Central: The subcounty which hosts the seat of power is home to light industries and trading especially wholesaling. Kisumu west and east are both urban and rural setups whose economic activities involve fishing and transportation among others.

Seme: This subcounty streaches all the way to maseno and some of it's economic activities include fishing and tourism. The famous kit mikayi and Ndere Island tourist sites are found here.

Nyando subcounty: The subcounty is headquartered at Ahero. The major activity here is farming. The Ahero rice farming is undertaken through irrigation from Nyando river.

Nyakach subcounty: Subsistence farming is predominantly practised here. Production of building bricks is also undertaken and the upper Nyakach provides a vantage point of viewing lake Victoria.

Muhoroni: This is predominantly an agricultural based subcounty growing sugarcane, maize and rearing of livestock. The agricultural activities are under taken by both commercial and small scale farmers.

A unique business venture which is transforming lives in Kisumu county is located here at Muhoroni.The business by the name Homalime is involved in quarrying and production of lime which is used in the construction industry.

Mazao Yetu ltd is a subsidiary of Homalime ltd and this is the firm which has transformed the lives of the small scale farmers in this region in crop production as well as livestock farming. The farm has greatly invested in farming categories as undermentioned.

Sugarcane:This farm grows sugarcane which it sells sugarmillers for sugar production. They as well process and produce jaggery which is an unrefined sugar with healthy benefits since no chemicals are added in its production.

Livestock: Livestock farming is all inclusive,dairy and animals for breeding and beef production. In the dairy unit the milk produced is sold to various market outlets and the remaining is processed to produce cheese which is also sold to the consumers within and across western Kenya region.

Redpoll: Thisis a unique breed of livestock which produces both beef and milk. Mazao yeti ltd is the only entity which breeds these cattle I East and Central Africa.

Forestry:Forestry is another development undertaken within this farm. The forestry provides fuel which runs the boilers of the lime production factory and supplies seedlings to the communities around the organisation.

Nyando valley development Trust: Nyando valley development Trust is a community based organisation within Koru in Muhoroni subcounty. Through this organisation, Homalime ltd and its Agribusiness entity has transformed the lives of the residents of this area by providing and supporting agricultural extension services,provision of seedlings for reforestation and provision of high quality breed of livestock. This has improved incomes and standard of living to the community.

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