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"I Was Locked In Room For 2yrs By A Woman, Where She Brought Different Men To sleep With Me; Kendy

Kendy Elosy from Embu painfully narrated how she was locked in a room for two years, by a woman that had promised to give her a job as a househelp, who brought different men to sleep with her for money.

According to her she was born and raised in Embu in a family of three children. She went to school but when she was in class six her father died from a short illness. Due to this her mother couldn't pay for her school fees and she dropped out of school.

She says that she started to look for a job as a househelp and one day a woman came to their home, and told her mother that she needed a househelp. Her mother agreed and Kendy went with the woman to her home.

According to her they travelled through the night and on arrival instead of going to the woman's home she was taken to an abandoned house. The woman promised to pick her the following morning and take her for work.

She said that on that night as she slept, a man opened the door from outside and entered the room he came and forcefully undressed and slept with her without an explanation. She didn't understand what had happened and the man claimed that he had paid for her services. The following morning another man came and also slept with her.

Kendy was still very young and she was in alot of pain. These men came everyday with food and gifts and claimed that they had paid the woman who brought her to that house. This went on for months and she never left the house. She was brought everything she needed by the men who abused her. They came everyday apart from when she was on her periods.

"I never had a break the men slept woth me everyday apart from the few days I had my periods." Kendy said.

She said that she never saw the woman who brought her there again and after two years, she decided to try her luck and runaway. One night she begged a regular client that she had created a relationship with to help her escape. The man felt pity for her and he secretly took her to hide in his car and took her to town.

He paid her bus fare and she went back home. Her mother was glad to see her as she narrated what had happened to her. She never reported the case to the police and vowed never to trust people she didn't know their whereabouts.

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