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Akombe Sends Special Advice to Uhuru, Kenyans

Former IEBC Commissioner Roselyne Akombe has sent a special message to Kenyans while celebrating the life and death of Meru icons Baimungi, Chui and Kiugu. Akombe is clear Kenyans need to know of how to celebrate their heroes as history is greatly important given it reminds us of where we came from.

Akombe is clear we must stop the habit of glorifying the hunter yet we live the people who laid the foundation of our country in problems and in shedding their blood. This message was an Indirect one to Uhuru for forgeting the plight of the heroes and heroines who have made Kenya get to where its today.

Akombe wants Kenyans to lean in appreciating their heroes as they contributed immensely to get Kenya to where it's of course congratulating the three heroes of Meru. This clearly is great news to Kenyans as it's clear at times we forget to celebrate our heroes at the expense of the leaders of today.

Hopefully Kenyans will listen to this powerful advice and take Kenya to the next level as one strong team. However as always it's clear Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans at times forgets heroes who made Kenya get to where it's today.

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