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Statehouse Makes Major Announcement Today That Is Likely To See Kenyans Benefit from Government

The government has officially declared that drought is a national disaster and therefore immediate measures need to be taken to ensure that food and water plus sanitation are provided to the arid and semi-arid areas in the country. The announcement coming after a meeting that was attended by close to 85 leaders from the said regions. 

An extract from Statehouse Facebook page

Statehouse now says that more communication will be made in due time but as things stand there shall be drastic measures that will be made to ensure that no life is lost in the ongoing drought situation in the country. The announcement was made through the government spokesperson.

This now means that the relevant authorities will be mandated with ensuring that the situation is tamed and that the necessary measures are taken to ensure that as a country the lives of those starving are monitored and are provided with food.

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