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Be informed: Muggers are now targeting matatu passengers

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Residents of Nairobi are raising concerns over increased muggings in public transport matatus. the muggers consist of a group of young men who pretend to be genuine passengers.

The new mugging trend comes just several days after the National Police Service listed several areas as crime hotspots in Nairobi. the areas include; Drive- in fly over along Thika road, Globe cinema roundabout, kangemi, and the Central Business District just to name a few. With the police focussing on these areas, the robbers have adopted a new routine of mugging passengers in public service vehicles.

This type of robbing happens quite discreetly. At times, only those being robbed get to know it while the rest of the passengers remain clueless. A victim Jacob Muthengi narrates how they do it. He states that they usually come in a group and seat next to the suspect. They then politely demand the victim's valuables without raising an alarm. The thugs then alight the vehicle has taken the victim's goods.

Nairobi governor, Johnstone Sakaja has promised to beef up security in the city. If you witness such an incident, you can call the helpline at 0203556771. together let's end the robbing and muggings in Nairobi.

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