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8 Ways to survive and cross January.

1 Avoid friendly loans

We all know not a day can pass without those friends with cars borrowing a loan and claiming they will return soon enough but forgetting about it. Avoid giving out such loans and be firm on whoever you give because you need that money to finish January. It will be hard if you are sweet to people and you forget about yourself How to Pay Down Credit Cards/Loans on a Tight Budget - CRB KENYA

2 Skipping Lunch

We tend to skip lunch when January is so hard and claim it's healthy and we are trying to cut weight but in a real sense, it's the idea of cutting costs and the hard January.

Diabetes Diet No-No: 6 Things That Happen When You Skip Meals | Everyday  Health

3 Self Service

Nairobi men will buy alcohol for their house to cut on expenses and avoid more costs and spend more time with their family, They are also avoiding broke men who always want somebody to buy them Alcohol.

Self Service Road Sign Illustration Design Stock Illustration -  Illustration of assistance, paper: 49075398

4 No meat January

We change our diet in January mostly not because vegetables are healthy but because we tend to cut on meat costs and going with the trend, They will lie that sausages and beacons are not healthy. they prefer cassava and sweet potatoes but will change to those junk when Money comes7 Days Vegetarian Lunch Menu ❗ Affordable Weekly Lunch Menu by (YES I CAN  COOK)

5 Team natural hair

It's a wise decision to cut on the expenses of the salon and try the natural hair strategies then plait that hair in February. find excuses when you are asked but put in mind you are spending low to cross January without being broke

Twist It, Rock It, Love It! - Natural Hair Kenya

6 Visiting Relatives

Kenyans are used to spending highly on weekends at lavish hotels and places of fun with their kids and family that is from February to December. Still, all these changes in January and they try to fit their budgets on relatives by visiting them regularly.American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality : NPR

7 M shwari Support

The person who came up with Mshwari had a typical Kenyan mind because of the idea of avoiding queues and paperwork. It's easy and within 10 minutes you have money in your Mpesa.Thanks to Safaricom

Why your M-Shwari Loan Limit is Zero

8 Using Public Transport

Long live the matwana matatu culture

if there is a time when people ask for a lift from their friends in January. some even will walk to work claiming it's healthy. All this is a strategy which helps especially Nairobian cross January

HILARIOUS: When You Give a Testimony About How You Survived Njaanuary  (VIDEO) - Nairobi Wire

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