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The Three Anti-riot Police Units in Kenya

Many might wonder of my choice of topic today but will look into it anyway.

We have always known that when it comes to riot it is the duty of the General Service Unit (GSU). Well you'll be surprised that it's not only the GSU that can combat a riot but there are also two other units that have the same capability.

1. General Service Unit (Gsu)

There primarily work is combating riots and close protection. They have no any other jurisdiction. However they've evolved in there functions and are now also offering security protection to government premises. Also they help with crowd control

They do their work well though they have had various criticism on excessive use of force.

2. Administration police riot squad

This is a unit under the administration police (AP). Mostly deployed in areas where the GSU are not available. They are easily noticed by there maroon anti riot gears. They are the most commonly deployed though they work hand in hand with the GSU.

3. Kenya Prison Service Anti riot Unit

This might surprise you but yes the prison service has it. Mostly because there could be chances of prisoners rioting in prison. I'll cover this in my next article.

Therefore prison officers under go training in riot skill inorder to combat riots that might arise in prison. Thore riot in prison are rare they from time to time have been called upon to help with crowd control in various events like political campaigns and religious events. They have green anti riot gear.

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