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The top things leading to deaths of many Kenyans in 2021

Ever wondered what steals the lives of most Kenyans? Maybe you thought of a disease that is incurable or something else.Yes it might be true that a number of incurable diseases may be at the top of the list.Now, today am going to share with you a list of just but a few which I recommend that you should try and prevent them from affecting you.


It is soo rare in Kenya to go through the news headlines and fail to hear about death occuring as a result of an accident.Infact bodabodas are the leading victims in those accidents.Most of these accidents can easily be avoided.How? Careless driving/riding should be stopped.This may include banning unlicensed drivers from our roads.To add on that the traffic users should also be given free education on the importance of following traffic rules.Without forgetting the government should check on the worn out roads so as to ensure safe driving.


Drug addictions especially smoking is literally claiming alot of lives in Kenya.Smoking lead to one of the deadliest cancer to treat.It leads to lung cancer which may easily lead to a lose of life.In addition to cancer these drugs may make one to get hit by stroke or even heart attack.Those who are on drugs should check up with a medical center for guidance so as to quit using them before it gets too late for them.


Have you heard of this before? Tuberculosis comes with alot of stigmatization.Most Kenyans are stuck in the myth that T.B. is one of the signs that one suffers from H.I.V. but that is not true at all.Turberculosis can end up on anybody healthy or unhealthy.Interestingly this disease can affect several body organs.This organs include: lungs,brain the backbone and others too.

It's signs and symptoms include night sweats, consistent coughing for two or more weeks and abrupt weight loss.The good news is that T.B. is curable.The best way to cure TB is to visit a doctor immediately after you encounter the above signs and symptoms.


This one is just yet another deadly disease facing Kenyans.It is so risky in that it can even destroy organs such as the eyes and kidneys.

Currently there are two versions of diabetes; one is diabetes 1 then diabetes 2.Diabetes 1 occurs in children while 2 occurs in adults.Unfortunately diabetes 1 is not preventable but diabetes 2 can be prevented.How?You are required to take measures such as taking the right diet and taking physical exercises.This will go a long way in saving lives including yours.


This one is a very common killer disease especially in children.It's symptoms include ; difficulty in breathing,fever and coughing.Whenever you notice this symptoms be quick to seek medical attention.For those living in cold climate areas make sure that you keep warm whenever it is required.


Stroke occurs when there is low blood supply to the brain or when bleeding occurs in the brain.This may result especially after an head injury occurs.

Some of the preventative measures include ;avoiding smoking and taking low cholesterol among others.


This is a condition that occurs when there is inadequate blood going into the heart cardiac muscles.It may easily occur to those who are diabetic,obese or with high cholesterol levels in their bodies As a preventative measure it is highly advisable to stop smoking, alcohol drinking,as well as taking only a little amount of animals meat in your lifetime.

That is all for today,thank you alot for reading this article,like,share and follow for more lifesaving tips!

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