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"My Face Was Burnt And Fingers Cut by Uknown People, I Woke up in a Mortuary" Lady Painfully Narrate

Joyce Chepkemoi has painfully narrated how her face was burnt and fingers cut off by uknown people. She also claims that her husband was mercilessly killed while she watched.

On that particular day, Joyce was to leave to her mother in law's place with the husband and their two daughters.

She was eight months pregnant at that time but before they left, they were attacked by uknown people and that was the beginning of her new life.

Their two daughters had gone to visit their neighbors and therefore they were lucky because they were never attacked. Joyce says that her husband was tortured and killed while she watched.

Due to fear she screamt and the criminals who had locked them in the house, cut off her fingers and burnt her face. They thought she was already dead but Joyce was only unconscious.

Joyce woke up in a mortuary after three days and she screamt for help. The doctors were shocked but they managed to treat her and Joyce was also able to give birth to her healthy baby boy despite the pain she was going through.

After being in hospital for two months, her kids could not accept her as their mother due to her bad face. She was chased away by her inlaws and she almost died due to depression.

After some years, her kids went to counseling and that's how they accepted her back. Joyce claims the she was left a widow and also homeless and all she does is to beg from people.

She has tried to get help from the government but she has never managed to get any help. She still needs to go for more surgery but she has no money for her treatment.

She is pleading with well wishers to help her raise money for her treatment and also get her children back to school because they are currently at home.

If you wish to help Joyce click here

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