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Man Relocates His House Across the Road Eliciting Reactions (Video)

Kenyans are hilariously reacting upon an incident of a family which has decided to dislocate there permanent house with a two rooms and a master bedroom by carrying it across the road in this video which has caused tension among travellers since it caused a great jam on both sides of the courtesy

This has left the eyewitnesses are with tense mood as the house is not promising for safety measures since its foundation has been distorted. This is a calling for the engineers and the expert designers to educate the kenyans upon dislocation of houses which can lead to sinking and taking lifes of kenyans.

Abstraction upon kenyan roads is considered to be unlawful, this morning incident is unlawful since it has caused a great jam on this busy road.Kenyan responsible authorities is also called to educate and advice kenyans on actions to be taken on such incidents.

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