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Road Accident

Why The Police Touch The Trunk Of Your Car When They Ask You To Stop

Being stopped by the traffic cops and asking for your license is a a common thing on our roads. There is a practice that the cops do which most people never realize. As the police ask you to pull over, they come your window but in the process they do something. They touch the taillight of your car. Did you know that isn't isn't just a coincidence but something that has a reason?

However, you should not panic when an officer does this to your car. The police touch your trunk as evidence that they did interact with you on the road. As they touch the taillight they leave their fingerprints on it which can easily be tracked. If anything happened to the cop during your interaction with him, your car will easily be tracked by the fingerprints he left on your car.

This also aids to track a missing officer without any video footage proof of evidence. This practice started many decades ago though it is starting to end with the introduction of traffic monitoring cameras. Although it is reducing, you shouldn't be surprised when a police stops on the road next time and does it. It is a habit that can't be done away with that easily.

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