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Five Warnings and Restrictions that Kenyans Never Adhered to

There are some rules, restrictions and warnings that have been with us for quite some time, but we Kenyans never heed to them. Here are five of those rules, warnings and restrictions

1. Do not litter

Usually written is Swahili as "Usitupe takataka hapa". This restriction is in most cases painted on walls. The only problem is that it comes after the place had long been converted into a little dump site. And even after the warning is posted, there is usually no one to make sure no one trespasses. So, people will keep on littering and piling up garbage. Many Kenyans never heed to this rule.

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2. Do not Urinate

Some days back I saw a meme circulating of a police officer going for a short call on a wall boldly written "Usikojoe Hapa" . Imagine that was a police officer who should be ensuring the warning is adhered to. What would you expect of a common citizen? "Usikojoe Hapa" warnings are these days just kind of decorations.

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3. No Photography

This is usually posted on buildings and heavily protected premises, such as military bases . At the same time, you'll find pictures of these places everywhere, especially on the internet. You'll even find photos of employees from these particular premises, taken right on from of the warning posts

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4. No Hawking

Almost all buildings within Nairobi CBD have "No Hawking warnings. Though this is strictly adhered to on the upper streets due to tight security, hawkers on lower street from Tom Mboya going down never adhere to this restriction. In fact they don't even look nervous when going against it.

5. No Parking/No Dropping and Picking of Passengers

Even in towns where there are Kanjos and other security officers everywhere, some drivers will still pack their cars in places boldly written "No Parking" . Unfortunately, these kind of drivers are usually even ready to open up fight with security officers and the city council officers who get rid of them. Same applies ta matatus that pick and drop anywhere even in restricted areas, e.g along highways

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