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No Tarmacked Roads Again, See The New Method Of Road Construction That Is Cheap And Very Durable

For a long time,bitumen has been used in road construction. The mixture involves concreted mortar mixed with adhesive petroleum to make a sticky mortar. However,road construction using bitumen has always faced the challenge of cost and time it takes to a complete a given road given the many processes of using bitumen. Bitumen when not mixed appropriately and spread on the roads has always lowered the quality and durability of our roads. In a more recent development, engineers have come up with a better alternative to replace the Bitumen. The new method that is currently being tested in Western world is knows as geocell road building technology.

Geocell technology involves the use cells that arranged end to end. The cells are arranged on the road to be built and concretes added to increase their stability.

Thereafter, sand is poured on the concrete and spread out on the entire road providing a pathway where vehicles can now pass.

The geocells spread the weight of the passing vehicles over the sand while distributing the pressure exerted to avoid throwing of the sand off the road. This practise has been found to be very cheap as compared to tarmacked roads,a product of bitumen.

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