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Story of Lady Who Was Almost Killed for not Having Arms, See How Blessed She is as an Adult [Video]

Miriam is a lady who went through a very difficult childhood because she was born without arms. She talked about her story in an interview that when she was born her mother had to keep her at the hospital for three months to hide her from the community.

That she would have been killed because in her community it is a taboo to give birth to a disabled child and her case was the first one.

When she was out of hospital people were so hostile towards her and her mother. Sometimes they would be pushed to a river to drown but her mother always managed to swim and save them.

After some time Miriam's mother got married to a man who is not her father. She thought life would be better but it became worse. The step father would mercilessly beat her up and starve her by placing food at places that she could not access.

When she went to college she found a man who pretended to love her the way she is but after she became pregnant he told her to abort and walked away.

She did not give up on her life because of that. She carried the pregnancy till the end with the help of her mother.

She is blessed as an adult because she can do most things on her own, her son is grown and going to school. Then she was lucky to get well-wishers who supported her financially and she has a business of her own.

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