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Top 10 African Countries with the Highest Alcohol Consumption Rate in 2021

According to, here are the ten nations that consume alcohol in Africa;

10. Uganda -26 liters per year 

The use of alcohol in Uganda has been a cause of concern not only by high consumption but also consumption between pregnant women and patients, especially with diabetes and adolescents.

9. Botswana -26.2 liters per year 

Alcohol has been part of Botswana for many years and decades and has been an important component of cultural festivals, weddings, and other traditional ceremonies.

With the change of social organization, values, lifestyle, and much more and all the pleasure activities that multiply over the years, so are the opportunities for drinking, the number of drinkers, and the amount of drink.

8.  Libya -26.4 liters per year 

Consumption and alcohol sales are illegal in Libya, but it has not stopped that the nation-rich in oil exceeds the table of high African consumers since it is not only popular but also available in The black market.

7. Zimbabwe -27.2 liters per year 

A study aimed at determining the habit of drinking of the Zimbabweans indicates that the general prevalence of alcohol consumption was 28.9%, with a confidence interval of 95% with 35.2% being women and 57.7% of men.

6. Lesotho -28.2 liters per year 

In Lesotho, approximately half of the students, with 54% of boys and 45% of girls, have drunk alcohol at some point in their lives, according to a recent study.

In general, drinking in Lesotho is related to age, sex, friends, family income, and drink in the family.

5. Algeria -29.1 liters per year 

Surprisingly, another Muslim nation leads the table. Like many African countries, the alcohol of choice is the beer that constitutes 57.3%, followed by a wine with 24.4% and spirits at 18.0%.

4. South Africa -29.9 liters per year 

South Africa drinks 48% of beer, 18% of wine, 17% of spirits, and 17% of other sources of alcohol. Even though they are one of the largest wine producers around the world, most of their alcohol consumption comes from beer.

3. Namibia -32.4 liters per year 

Speaking of substances of abuse, it is known that Namibia has a high prevalence of tobacco and alcohol consumption.

A study conducted between men and women, between 15 and 64, indicated that alcohol consumption is 53.1%, and many social demographic factors, such as age, the area of residence, religion, and educational status, They are the high content factors of alcohol consumption factors in Namibia.

2. Eswatini -34.4 liters per year 

Alcohol consumption contributes to a significant burden of diseases, conditions of health, and premature deaths in Eswatini.

1. Tunisia -36.6 liters per year 

The country favors beer over other beverages with a 72% alcohol consumption followed by wine by 24%, while others constitute less than 1%.

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