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Woman Caught by Hawk-Eyed Officers Trying to Sneak Bhang to Her Husband at Gilgil Police Station

Incidents where Kenyans have been caught red handed dealing in drugs have been on the rise with the government doing its best to ensure that these cases are brought to justice.

Just this morning, officers in Migori arrested a suspect who had over 20 sacks of bhang with a street value of 5 million shillings.

This evening, according to the available reliable reports that we have received from Directorate of Criminal Investigations Official Social Media Handle, a woman was arrested at Gilgil Police Station trying to sneak in bhang to her husband who is being held at the station.

The daring 30-year-old woman who is known as Caroline Imenza, had walked into the Gilgil Police Station this morning and requested to see her husband known as Stephen Nyabuto, who was a guest of the state at the facility.

She had brought bread and tea in a flask for her husband buy a hawk eyed police officer manning the station noticed something was out of the ordinary.

Upon search of the bread, they found five rolls of bhang and some cigarettes and further search of her body yielded over 80 rolls of bhang.

She tried to bribe the officer with 2000 Kenya shillings but she refused and was arrested and is now in custody as per the reports that we have with us.

Picture courtesy. Image from the scene.

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