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Man Shoots in the Air After Busting Wife In An Act With Another Man

A 47 year old man as well a licensed gun holder shot in the air to scare away a 29 year old man who was having a great moment with his wife in a car. The young man however run to his dear life after he was busted exactly in the act at the onset of the entire process clearly being denied a chance to have his lovely taste of the derriere.

The old man had suspected his wife of cheating and decided to track her moves. He decided to follow her one day only to find her inside a car packed next to a bush having the best of their moments together with the 29 year old man.

It's at this point that out of anger, he decided to shoot in the air given clearly its painful seeing your wife being chewed openly by another man. The incident that happened in Kilifi scared several people who were not sure of the next move given the unfortunate turn of events.

However as a law citizen, the man whose identity has been concealed turned himself to the police after misusing his firearm to scare a man who tastes in his plate. The matter has remained shocking as well highly baffling as its clear this days pastors are doing very painful things to the flock including chewing them on both sides.

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